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National Registry Certified Medical Examiners
Dr Thomas Hobbs is a member of the prestigious national registry of certified medical examiners.
All  DOT physicals and drug testing  is now required by federal law to be preformed by a certified medical examiner.

Integrative and Diagnostic Functional Medicine.

We offer personalized medicine that deals with the primary care, prevention and treatment of underlying causes (as opposed to treatment of symptoms) of serious and chronic diseases. We seek to find the underlying cause of an illness as opposed to just looking at the signs and symptoms that indicate the body is ill. We offer the most advanced diagnostic services that modern medicine has to offer along with an old fashioned personal approach to the treatment of disease.

Dr. Vivian Carbone-Hobbs has been a licensed chiropractor since 1989. She has been freeing people from pain in her clinic, located in Arnold. As a chiropractor with much experience, Dr. Carbone is committed to promoting the best health and well being of her patients. She uses a "whole health approach" when taking care of her patients. She combines her very best hands-on techniques, state of the art physiotherapy (physical therapy) procedures, as well as acupuncture, nutrient support, and spinal decompression (traction) when needed.

Dr. Thomas Hobbs Lac DC MD BCIM is a member and board certified by the prestigious American association of integrative medicine AAIM. He is also certified in injection and intravenous nutrition MOCINA. He is also a member of the American society of bioregulatory medicine ASBMR. He specializes in integrative, bioregulatory, and functional medicine. He treats internal health disorders , as well as disorders of the nervous system and muscle and bone including all sports injuries. Board Certified Integrative Medicine, Member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, World Endocrine Society, International Hormone Society, World Society Interdisiciplinary Anti Aging Medicine, American Society of Bioregulatory Medicine. Offering the latest in diagnostic cardiology, on site echo cardiograms, Doppler studies, ABI index's. Member of ACAM American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine, Member of ARI Autisim Research Institute, Featured Speaker on Cardiovascular Disease for Health Care Pofessionals. International Board of Editors for Medical Joyworks, a Medical Application Service.

Dr Thomas Hobbs is a member Of the AMA american medical association, clinical research director cardiovascular medicine for Solana Health Inc. -- Dr Thomas Hobbs DC MD BCIM NRCME Board Certified Integrative Medicine, Certified United States Medical Examiner. member: AMA american medical association, AAIM american association integrative medicine, A4M american academy of anti-aging medicine, IHS international hormone society, WSIM world society integrative medicine, ASBM american society bioregulatory medicine, National Registry of certified medical examiners. Clinical research director cardiovascular medicine solana health. Dr Thomas Hobbs is fellowed by the American Board of disability analysts. Dr Thomas Hobbs is a national speaker on cardiovascular disease teaching cardiology for primary care.

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